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Zymo Plus
Zymo Plus is an organic storehouse of naturally occurring nutrients derived from seaweed traditionally known for its rich possession of vital nutritional elements. Plus it contains Humic, Fulvic & Amino Mixture.Zymo Plus stimulates the natural physiological system of the plant by providing additional support of essential nutritional elements in all stages of plant growth
Benefits Of Zymo Plus
  • ZYMO PLUS provides all constituents in balanced form for healthier plant growth.
  • ZYMO PLUS contributes to greater microbial activity when applied to soil the increasing nutrient availability.
  • ZYMO PLUS is an ideal organic product for better growth and productivity, which can be used on all types of plants, whether indoor, outdoor, garden, nursery, lawns, turf, agriculture or plantation crops.
Application Method
Foliar Spray: 30 ml /15 ltr water
Drip & Sprinklers: 500- 600 Ml / Acre.
Available Packaging
250 ml, 500 ml &1000 ml
Zebra is a special innovative biotechnology product.Contains organic compounds like Protiens,Carboxylic, Special Vitamins,Useful for all kinds of crops,vegetables and fruits.
Benefits Of Zebra
  • Zebra Helps to increase no.of. flowers..
  • Zebra Activates Flowering Process
  • Zebra Provides Protiens to crops
  • Zebra Improves quality of crop
  • Zebra Increases overall yield.
15 ml per /15 ltr water
Available Packaging
500 ml,1 ltr & 200 ltr drum
Ajooba is unique growth promoter with very high concentration of special ingredients
10 ml in 100 ltr water.
10 ml injection packing.